Ken’s latest book, Alive and Thriving in Old Age, is dedicated to honouring our old people, letting them know that they do matter and that they are valued. Wide ranging interview topics were put to several seniors ─ from their days of childhood right throughout their lives, to questions regarding their passing away. Their responses are captivating and will generate much fascination, even in the minds of younger readers, as they compare the 1950s and 1960s with their own lives in the 21st century.

Readers of the same age bracket will easily identify with many of the childhood and teenage backgrounds of those interviewed, as they share their views on marriage, morals, violence, technology, coping with afflictions, financial management, security and so on. Any reader will find inspiration and encouragement.




Passing Through Shadows traces the journeys of a cross-section of ex-inmates from aimless, often violent lives before imprisonment, through time spent behind bars, and back into the community as transformed Christian citizens.

Ken also records the stories of family members (including children) who had to endure the pain and devastation of prison, and what it was like for them. This is a book that will take the reader right into the midst of the turmoil suffered by these family members, who eventually came through victorious because of their faith in Jesus.




This is a book about hope, encouragement and tough love. It shows what can happen when Jesus is taken into the ugly surroundings of a prison. Prisoners can survive and win by calling on the strength of Jesus while in prison. This book won’t make life easier for them physically, but will show them how to survive, spiritually transformed, strengthened, and forgiven. It is indeed a book on life survival. The overwhelming objective is to develop a spiritual toughness in men and women prisoners, in order for them to survive in prison.

Ken’s hope is also that this book will help prisoners on Death Row, who might believe that life ends completely at any execution with nothing but darkness beyond. It’s also for Christians who want a spiritual booster, and some encouragement for their own walk with Jesus. Very importantly, Dying to Live is also for people who are not necessarily behind bars, but imprisoned in other ways, through their minds or other circumstances, and need a more positive direction. This book will point them in the direction of Jesus. This book also provides insight for ordinary Christians, especially those who support prisoners, giving them an insight into the thinking, the frustrations, and the fears of men and women who are incarcerated.