kg11HIKOI: ‘a stepping out or taking steps. A journey with a deliberate purpose’. “This hikoi is a journey of hope and enlightenment”. Ken Gartner.

The hikoi started on 26 August 2007, when Ken’s book Dying to Live, published in USA by Xulon Press, was launched at Elim International Church Wellington. Ken has been travelling almost every weekend since, around the North Island of New Zealand, speaking on the many aspects of prison ministry. From November 16th 2008, South Island churches will be included in the itinerary.

The high standard of Ken’s presentation, by way of a testimony with several gospel songs included, opens people’s eyes to the reality of prison life; to the knowledge that the majority of prisoners don’t find prisons a nice place to be in at all. Ken gives an ex-inmate’s perspective, and explains how Jesus can transform prisoners and show them how to be triumphant, despite their lags. Topics include ‘The Prison Inmate’, ‘What Jesus thinks of Prisoners’, and ‘How Christians can serve Jesus through visiting the imprisoned’. Ken’s mission is to let people know that most inmates are men and women who have committed either serious or foolish mistakes resulting in imprisonment, but very few of them are psychopaths or so full of evil that they are beyond redemption. “Inmates have concerns, fears and suffer loneliness, as much as, indeed more than, any person on the outside”, says Ken. “Prisoners should have the same opportunity to come to Christ and eternal life as those who are free”. Ken’s message encourages church members to seek and achieve their destiny; “That which God has already planned for each of their lives”. Copies of Ken’s book ‘Dying to Live’ and his CD ‘Mountain of Victory’ are on display at the presentation and available for purchase. The presentation is completed in around 40 minutes.